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Updated: May 3

Now we are slowly coming out of lock-down there are groups that men can attend if you want to get out and about. If you want too get fit or just want to get out of the house for a bit, then the Walk and Talk is for you.

This is a group of guys that just want to go for a walk and a chat.

The group stay around the local area (Brockholes and Longridge) and is run by a local guy called Adam, he is a non judgmental very approachable person.

We currently run two walking groups;

The first is at 10.00am til 11.00am, this is a quick walk for men that may struggle on long walks or may not have time to attend the bigger walk.

The second is 11.30am til 13.30pm, this walk is for men that love to walk and are fit enough to tackle small hills (the leader will always find you an alternative route if you are struggling)

If this feels like something you would be interested in then feel free to contact William on 07775799395 or alternatively

email us at

We look forward to hearing from you, (you dog is welcome to)

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