Menhear is a new service that aims to try and satisfy the need for mutual support among men in a safe and nurturing environment.

Menhear began with the intention of helping as many men as possible. In the hope to try and make a difference in the quality of life, without prejudice, to men, who may have problems with: mental health, alcohol dependency, depression, anxiety or other health problems or those who just need to unburden themselves of their day to day concerns.

Socialising with like-minded people can encourage communication and build trust in others, which in turn encourages people to open up about their problems. The aim of the project is to provide a safe space where men can communicate, offload, be heard and supported within a social environment and offer a service that incorporates listening, befriending helping, accompanying, mentoring, education (courses) and social activities. After Piloting what Menhear would like to provide and promoting our very first drop in session, it allowed us to assess what was actually needed to strengthen and support what we do and to maximise the experience for members of the general public that may be potential candidates for support in a way that suits their needs.


Drop in sessions in several areas of the local communities, so far are proving to be successful and very much needed.

Getting Men Talking In Lancashire

Our Mission

We are hoping to provide regular, supportive sessions and programs in order to help men begin to break through difficult barriers that may be stopping them from moving forward in their lives, for some reason and help them to build bridges of support amongst each other.


Our Vision

The key aim of the project will be to motivate an individual to self reflect and begin to positively engage in altering their lifestyle for the better.

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